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The campaign to empower women (and girls) in the Outdoors

Part I: Confession, I am just as guilty……. With many of the outdoor retail companies placing a marketing emphasis on women in the outdoors, I was initially humored by this concept. I chalked it up to a marketing ploy targeted to a demographic willing to spend money to feel empowered and fulfilled. I don’t need … Read more

On The Trail

Potty Post #1 – Waking Up to a Warm Flood

I woke up early on day 4 of a 5 day backpacking trip and 17 miles away from the closest parking lot. A storm had hit us and I didn’t sleep well as the wind whipped against my two person tent throughout the night. We, being my little backpacker (LB), myself and two friends, had … Read more

Lorelei Felchlin

Before Your Trip Starts

Backpacking with an Infant

Logistically speaking….what a challenge. I came up with this great     idea to go backpacking Labor Day weekend with the family….the whole family….which included a nine month old. I chose an ambitious destination with a very easy “fall back plan” base camp. However, the biggest challenge was packing everything we needed for four days … Read more

Gear – Tips for Outfitting Your Family

Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

This is by far my favorite pot on the consumer market. I started out using the X-Pot 2.8, but quickly gravitated toward the X-Pot Kettle as my choice for quick summer weekend adventures. Packing size: This is my favorite feature. The Kettle Pot collapses down, taking space in your backpack. Product Weight: The X-Pot Kettle weighs … Read more

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