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A Week in Moab/Blanding

Based on schedules and permits, we had ten days of just playing around, dayhiking and visiting anything and everything in the Moab-ish/Blanding/Green River regions of Utah.

Natural Bridges National Monument – We spent the afternoon hiking to the Sipapu Bridge lookout and then to the canyon bottom to look up at the massive bridge. That evening we camped just outside the park on one of the BLM roads that had several cleared out campsites.

IMG_4159  IMG_4149  IMG_4139  IMG_4121 IMG_4117 IMG_4116

Butler Wash Ruins: Blanding Visitor’s Center staff pointed this gem out to us. Short 1 mile hike led to an observation point of some Native American Cave Dwellings. These looked amazing (because human visitation has been extremely limited).

IMG_4069 IMG_4011

Mule Canyon Ruins: The kids were able to walk around and inside a kiva and some old ruins that have been somewhat updated.

IMG_4089 IMG_4082 IMG_4081

Salvation Point:

A peak we decided to climb with an awesome lookout over the Comb Wash. This is where Rosabell accidentally swallowed a butterscotch candy and her chest hurt the entire hike back down.


Todie Canyon Rim: Fun rim hike along one of the canyons that intersects with Grand Gulch. It was neat for the kids to observe what walking in the rim is like compared to walking hundreds of feet below in the canyons.

IMG_4194 IMG_4196

Muley Point: What a fun area to visit. This point sits high upon the mesa and overlooks the valley that leads up to Monument Valley. We decided to camp at this high point of 6200 feet. The kids made a campfire, roasted marshmallows and truly slept under the stars. That was the coolest camp site we had had on the trip so far. I loved seeing the kids so excited about seeing all the stars. We camped on the very edge (left tip) of the first picture below!

IMG_4335 IMG_4328 IMG_4315 IMG_4310 IMG_4295 IMG_4265 IMG_4257 IMG_4231 IMG_4230

Bluff, UT: As we made our way east in Southern Utah, we passed through the small town of Bluff. The kids enjoyed exploring this old fort that displayed the original homes from the pioneer days.

IMG_3724 IMG_3723 IMG_3716 IMG_3714

Hovenweep National Monument: I was not really thrilled to check out this National Monument, but the kids really enjoyed themselves. It became one of their favorite places that we visited.  They enjoyed seeing the old ruins and buildings.

IMG_3742 IMG_3738 IMG_3736 IMG_3732 IMG_3730

Newspaper Rock: The rock art and petroglyphs in the Indian Creek area is fascinating. The kids loved trying to figure out what was being communicated.

IMG_4341 IMG_4340 IMG_4339 IMG_4337


Canyonlands National Park – Needles District: This is one the kids most favorite places. In fact, this is where we were going complete a second backpack trip (but plans changed). The kids loved the ruins, the caves, climbing rocks and just running all over the place.

IMG_4343 IMG_4348 IMG_4349 IMG_4353 IMG_4356 IMG_4359 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4368 IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4375 IMG_4379 IMG_4380 IMG_4382 IMG_4385 IMG_4391 IMG_4398 IMG_4400 IMG_4409 IMG_4411 IMG_4424 IMG_4419 IMG_4416 IMG_4430 IMG_4436

Arches National Park: We checked out Arches on two different days. Delicate Arch was quite the adventure. Wind gusts of 40mph were going as we followed the open slick rock cairned trail toward Delicate Arch. When we made the final turn to see the Arch, Rosabell’s hat blew off and traveled a few hundred feet below the Arch. Some awesome visitors on the other side of the Arch, hiked down to the base and rescued her hat. It was exciting to finally see the Arch, but it was so cold and windy. What a neat experience for them.

IMG_4032 IMG_4031 IMG_4030 IMG_4029 IMG_4027 IMG_4024

IMG_4514 IMG_4513 IMG_4512 IMG_4510 IMG_4508

Canyonlands National Park – Islands In The Sky: We hiked out to Mesa Arch and took in the incredible views.

IMG_3886 IMG_3885 IMG_3883 IMG_3882 IMG_3877IMG_4554IMG_4551IMG_4550IMG_4542IMG_4541IMG_4534

Dead Horse Point State Park: Fun day at Dead Horse Point. I think the kids most enjoyed the rain that began to fall rapidly on them. My daughter was jumping up and down “I feel like we are at home…this feels like Washington”. For some homesick kids, this really lifted their spirits.

IMG_3858 IMG_3856 IMG_3855 IMG_3853 IMG_3851 IMG_3848

IMG_4530 IMG_4528 IMG_4523


Moonflower Canyon: This canyon was recommended as a fun canyon in Moab to explore, climb and swim in . So we did just that, but explored more and didn’t take any pictures.


Corona and Bowtie Arches: It only rained two days while we were in Moab and this was one of them. We hiked out to Corona and Bowtie Arches and the kids really enjoyed this dayhike. Part of the hike requires climbing rock with a cable for assistance followed by a ladder climb (perfect recipe for a kids hike). We also found a spot where all the cairns hang out and of course the kids had to add to the cairn group.

IMG_4646 IMG_4645IMG_4001IMG_3993IMG_3991IMG_3990

Goblin Valley State Park: Pretty cool state park, however we went on a very windy day. The sand dust was so strong the kids didn’t enjoy having to hike and cover their eyes. They loved climbing the rocks and running between the taller rocks.

IMG_4593 IMG_4592 IMG_4591 IMG_4590 IMG_4581 IMG_4580 IMG_4576 IMG_4575 IMG_4573 IMG_4572 IMG_4570 IMG_4568 IMG_4566 IMG_4565 IMG_4563

Rafting the Colorado (Class 1+): This is really nothing to brag about…it was a mere float. However, Rosabell had never been in a raft so the few ripples were really exiting for her. Plus, she and another client got to jump in an inflatable kayak for half the trip. This made the waves even more exciting for her.



IMG_3809 IMG_3805 IMG_3800 IMG_3786 IMG_3779 IMG_3778 IMG_3776 IMG_3774


Biking Moab Brand Area and Slickrock Trail: For one of our Moab days, I rented mountain bikes for kids and they biked a few miles on the Slickrock Trail, a few miles on the Moab Brand Area trails and a couple miles on a road trail system. They had a blast. Next time we are heading to Moab, we are definitely bringing bikes for the non-hiking days.

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Acerson Mine: We stumbled upon this mine because we decided to spend a day “rock hounding.” My kids were convinced we could find precious gems. We may have, but we also found this neat looking mine and some old mining equipment.

IMG_3912 IMG_3913 IMG_3914 IMG_3915