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Backpacking with an Infant

IMG_9753Logistically speaking….what a challenge. I came up with this great     idea to go backpacking Labor Day weekend with the family….the whole family….which included a nine month old. I chose an ambitious destination with a very easy “fall back plan” base camp.

However, the biggest challenge was packing everything we needed for four days of backpacking, with the parents carrying the group gear and one parent would not be carrying the usual 60 liter pack. Instead, one parent would carry a baby carrier pack. This left one parent to carry (two sleeping bags, sleeping pads, food,tent, all group gear and anything the other two kids needed beyond their change of clothes, sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

In addition to reorganizing gear that needed to be packed, several infant specific items needed to be accounted for:

  • 4 days X 5 diapers = 20 diapers
  • package of baby wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • individual packets of baby formula 1.5 packet X 5 feedings/day X 4 days
  • individual 4 oz. containers of mashed carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and applesauce 4/day X 4 days
  • Baby bottle
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Dish Soap
  • Extra clothes

All of that seemed to fit in the zip on 10 liter back pack that zipped onto the back. Underneath the child carrier is a small storage area. I was able to squeeze in 1 compressed down adult sleeping bag, diapers, water proof coats and puffy coats.

As challenging as this was, we made it happen. The child carrier and the 60 liter each weighed about 45 lbs. each. It was well worth the extra weight in order to bring the entire family and enjoy four days of alpine backpacking.