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Bright Angel Campground, Grand Canyon, AZ

Sea to Summit X-Pot 2.8L

In support of my kids venturing out to backpack 900 miles in 2016, Sea To Summit sent my kids the X-Pot 31 set which contained the X-Pot 2.8L cooking pot. Overall, we found it to be durable, space efficient and a great addition to our backpacking kitchen. Similar to other X-Series products from Sea To Summit, this cooking pot compresses and takes up minimal room in your backpack.

Product Weight: At 10.3 ounces, it is one of the lightest pots over 2 liters volume available.

Pouring: My favorite feature of this pot is the draining aspect of the lid. With the side pieces, you secure the lid to the pot and can drain water

Transparent Lid: Similar to the X-Pot Kettle, the transparent lid is a nice feature for checking boiling status instead of lifting a lid of a cook pot. My only complaint of the cook system is that the lid does not sustain a three foot drop  from a car with direct impact on asphalt. Operator error!

Volume: With a volume of 2.8L, you can boil an ample amount of water, cook a six person meal or melt quite a bit of snow for water.

Extra storage: After compressing, the X-Pot 2.8 easily stores 2 X-Bowls and 2 X-Cups inside the pot. This really equates to serving dishes for a backpacking family of two adults and two kids.

Easy to clean: Like all of the SeatoSummit silicone kitchen products, they are easy to clean and wipe out. You don’t have to worry about scraping a surface and the flexibility of side walls aids in efficient cleaning.

Kid Usage: With a smaller stove holding a larger pot of boiling water, parents may not be comfortable with younger kids managing the cooking. Kids will be more capable of using this if it is used with a much wider stove.

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