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Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

This is by far my favorite pot on the consumer market. I started out using the X-Pot 2.8, but quickly gravitated toward the X-Pot Kettle as my choice for quick summer weekend adventures.

Packing size: This is my favorite feature. The Kettle Pot collapses down, taking space in your backpack.

Product Weight: The X-Pot Kettle weighs 6.5 ounces. Although it is not the lightest backpacking kettle on the market, it is a close second. However, first place goes to a kettle that takes up more space in your pack. I prefer the extra half ounce in weight in exchange for more storage space in my pack.

Pouring spout: The pouring spout is a nice perk to this pot. Compared to other kettles, I like that the spout isn’t fully enclosed making cleaning the kettle easier.

Transparent Lid: With a small translucent lid, you can see that boiling status of your water without having to remove the lid to check.

Volume: With a 1.3 L capacity, this pot holds enough water to cook a couple dehydrated meals in one boiling iteration.

Extra storage: Even with the kettle completely collapsed, the inside pot circumference allows for storage of 2 X-Cups inside. For me, this means I can head out on an alpine climb with my son with and the entire “kitchen” takes up minimal space in my pack with a couple packs of oatmeal.

Easy to clean: The silicone walls of the pot make cleaning the pot very easy.

Kid Usage: The smaller, more efficient size of the Kettle and non-heat absorbing handles make for easy use with kids that are already proficient with stove and fuel use.

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